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RKSL Studios presents our STAVJet Advanced Trainer C v3.000

WIP Pic of the STAVJet over Altis

The STAVJet is loosely based on the Stavatti Aeropace SM31 'Stiletto concept design. A rather unique design, the type was offer as part of the USAF's T-X program. The competition to replace the venerable T-38 Talon. It was perhaps a bit too radical and unproven for the project. An alternative in the form of the ATFG Javelin was offered, but you can certainly see the similarity.The bid was ultimatey unsuccessful and prototype never flew.

Stavjet Advanced Trainer in a climb

We chose to make the model because it looked kinda cool. Rock likes to make unusual models and has an interest in failed real world projects. Not to mention, it fits in well with the Black Wasp and the 2035 Arma Timeline and concept.


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The Full End User Licensing Agreement for this addon pack is available here:

Optionally Armed Stavjet Trainer


  • STAVJet Base Model
  • International Skin Pack
    • US Navy
    • US Marines
    • USAF
    • Aggressor
    • Royal Thai Air Force
    • UK Empire Test Pilots School



StavJet Loadout screen

We would appreciate hearing about any issues or suggestions you have experienced. Please use the Bug Tracker below:


This addons and model is 100% unique and does not incorporate any 3rd party content:

Model: Rock
Textures: Rock
Animation Setup: Rock
Character Animation: WLD427
Config: Rock
  • Farsight
  • MikePhoenix
  • Viper1Zero
  • Wld427
  • XenithZero
  • Booce
  • Garfield
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